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Course Overview

You are about to begin an exciting course in psychology. Many high schools don’t include psychology as a social studies requirement, so often students take it because they want to rather than have to. That’s great! If you are among these students, then you are genuinely interested in psychology and in the things it can teach you.

In this course we’ll study some of the basic facts, concepts, and theories pertaining to contemporary psychology. Since Social Studies 01P is an introductory course, we’ll discuss a wide range of topics in general rather than a few selected topics in detail. This broad approach should help you acquire sufficient general insights to arouse your curiosity about psychology. After successfully completing the course you should have the basic tools to pursue further study of this vast field of knowledge. Better still, you should be well prepared to understand yourself, others, and how both interrelate in our modern and complex society. You’ll be in a position to understand why things happen as they do, and you may even have a little more control over them.